Having just agreed a 14% minimum pay cut, pilots flying for Spanish airline Iberia have just received one unexpected bonus, as they will no longer have to carry round copious amounts of paper in the form of flight manuals.

Iberia has just approved the use of iPads in the cockpits of some of their aircraft, meaning that pilots will now be able to use an “electronic flight bag”, which means that all of their manuals, documents and instructions can be carried on their tablet computers.

However, it´s not just the heavy burden on the staff that will be reduced by the move, as the airline estimate that by replacing paper with iPads will reduce the weight of each flight by around 60 kilos, the average weight of an adult woman. Therefore, the weight of the aircraft load is reduced, as is the fuel consumption, resulting in an estimated financial saving of around 150,000 euro per year on short and medium distance flights.

There are obvious operational benefits too, as pilots will be able to look up data faster than flicking through the manuals, resulting in a quicker and more efficient response in the cockpit.

At this time, Iberia has only provided one of its Airbus A321 aircraft with the technology that allows two iPads to be used in the cockpit, one for the Captain and one for the co-pilot, but it is expected that the system will be rolled out gradually to the entire fleet, in the fullness of time.

So far, more than 100 pilots have received the formal training on how to use all the features offered by the iPad, which will also increase as authority to use the equipment receives recognition.

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