A protest after the closure announcement

The Government of the Principality of Asturias, run by socialist Javier Fernández Fernández of the PSOE, announced that they have forced the rejection of sponsorship for sports events by Coca Cola, on the grounds that the multinational company plans to close their factory in Asturias.

The governing board has turned down 18,000 euro in sponsorship, spokesperson for the sporting events, José Ramón Tuero, saying that “The best sponsorship that Coca-Cola can do for Asturias is to not close the factory”.

Tuero noted that Coca Cola has already been advised of the decision, whilst thanking them for the support they had given them over the years, saying, “We are grateful, but at this time we have to side with the workers for an unjust decision of the company”.

Coca Cola plan to close four plants in Asturias, Palma, Madrid and Alicante, with 750 of the 4,200 workers losing their jobs and another 500 being relocated.

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