A protest after the withdrawal

Having been closed down for over a year, the town of Bigastro will once again have emergency health cover at night, when the service resumes on the 1st of March.

Antonio Ángel Hurtado, the head of the health council and mayor of Almoradí, made the announcement this week, that despite the closure due to cuts to health budgets by the national government since taking office, “the stability of public finances” now means that the service can resume.

Hurtado wanted to make it clear that the decision is not as a result of the countless public protests, nor is it as a result of opposition political groups campaigning for the needs of healthcare in the area, and the decision is not “to get medals”, but “we have had many meetings to get restore service”.

Hurtado strongly criticized the psoe led demonstrations demanding that the service be resumed, especially the criticism already levied towards the PP mayor of the town for not supporting public health needs. In fact, the PP mayor of the town, Charo Bañuls, has now come forward saying that he never agreed with the closure and has repeatedly asked for its reopening.

Stability in public finances is seemingly creating a more stable situation for Spain, likely to be ever more apparent as the country creeps closer to the next elections.

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