Torrevieja town hall saved 40,834 euro in one year by withdrawing the free drinking water supplied to public buildings and entities, including the Guardia Civil and local schools.

For over fifteen years the town hall has paid the bill for supplying 45,800 cubic metres per year of water, to the Cruz Roja, the eco-park, social integration centre named the Centro de Rehabilitación e Integración Social, La Inmaculada nursing home, five secondary schools and the Guardia Civil barracks, amongst others, until the first quarter of this year when that particular tap was turned off.

The Guardia Civil barracks alone is said to be one of the largest in the country, where dozens of officers live with their families, but the water bill for that supply is now paid by the Interior Ministry.

However, despite the funding being offset to Valencia for the supply to some areas, the very threat of having to pay for the supply has also resulted in a seemingly more responsible use. Faced with the concept of having to foot the bill rather than the money coming from the public purse, the demand has dropped from 45,881 to 35,907 cubic metres.

The plan to withdraw funding followed an award for the contract for the management of the water supply and sewerage network being given to Agamed (Aquagest), in which the tender bid saw the company promised to provide 300,000 cubic metres of free water to Torrevieja for this purpose, an amount seemingly considerably higher than was needed. However, as many of the operators running the sites were also privatised, the provision of a free water supply became complicated, as did the growth of the municipal infrastructure, resulting in the supply falling short of the demand, and so, the financial burden was taken from the municipal accounts, at least saving some money in the process.

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