Two police officers who were involved in an incident of abuse against animals may face criminal charges after an animal welfare group has called for action following the posting of a video that shows the pigs being sprayed with gas by one of the officers as a joke.

The video clearly shows a uniformed officer spraying a substance into the face of one of the pigs, the animal becoming disorientated, seemingly as a result of inhaling the substance or its contact with the animal, becoming distressed and therefore a clear case of animal abuse.

The incident is said to have occurred some years ago but has been brought to light by the recent distribution of the video through the internet. The two officers are still in service, although not in the municipality where the abuse took place, one serving the island of Ibiza, the other in Mallorca.

The PACMA animal rights group has vowed to take the case to court, but they are waiting to initiate action as another animal protection association is already pursuing action.

The two officers could face a criminal case for an alleged crime of animal abuse, and the opening of a file by the conselleria d’Administraccions Públiques of the Balearic Government.

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