The Spanish government is looking to approve draft legislation that will strictly control the advertising of so called “e-cigarettes”, as well as enforcing information displays on the risks to health from the electronic replacement of the traditional smoke.

Under new consumer protection guidelines, television advertising before the 8pm watershed will be banned, although there are concessions for daytime as this move is aimed at protecting children, classed in this case as those under 18, from seeing the adverts.

Similarly, strict controls as to where adverts for the electronic cigarettes can be placed will be included, as will the distribution of publicity through cinema adverts. In particular, the controls aim to restrict where under 18 year olds may see the publicity.

The packaging of the products must also point out the dangers to adults, and must clearly state that they contain nicotine and are highly addictive. The law aims to clearly define that no claims of health benefits can be included in advertising, unless and until a competent public authority declares them to be of benefit to health.

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