A coalition union representing police officers in Los Montesinos has criticised the town council for the suspension of local police patrols at night.

A notice at the police office has stated that there will be no service between 10pm and 6am, which councillor Alfonso Paredes says is due to the secondment of two members of staff to other municipalities.

In the event of any of the 5,000 residents suffering an emergency at night, a recorded voice on the telephone answering service advised callers to contact the Guardia Civil, or leave a message.

It is also believed that a ban on overtime payments has resulted in the shortfall in covering those working elsewhere, with the union calling now for the Mayor to pay overtime and not allow excuses of an economic nature dictate law enforcement and civil protection, “because, with what it costs for hiring the people defending José Manuel Butrón”, who is facing an investigation for alleged crimes relating to planning, the town hall “could pay the required overtime”.

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