Not real Guardia Civil officers! (Or uniform)

As carnival season is about to hot up in Spain, the Interior Ministry has been criticised for being a “party pooper”, on the grounds that they have issued a notice that limits the wearing of the Guardia Civil uniform, or representations thereof, to those engaged as officers in service, unless for “reasons of professional, social or cultural interest”.

The translation of the official gazette prohibits members of the public from wearing such clothing as may be considered to be the uniform of the corps, saying “The uniform of the members of the corps of the Guardia Civil, or any of its singular garments, will be for the sole and only use of individual staff members and those retired, in situations and conditions herein regulated”, continuing, “it is forbidden for the public to use them in other circumstances, as well as by non-forces personal, except following an express request, for reasons of professional, social or cultural interest, which is authorized”.

Depictions of the Guardia Civil, as well as other law enforcers, are common place during fiesta time, often with politically satirical scenes, or simple “cops and robbers” characters. Whereas many carnival groups have dismissed the notion as nothing more than a joke, the ministry insist that “it is essential to safeguard the legal security of citizens, ensuring that all those who wear a uniform of the Guardia Civil are members of Institute, and to inform citizens of uniformity of the Guardia Civil”.

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