A female Guardia Civil officer

A workers union representing members of the Guardia Civil is calling for action to bridge the obvious lack of integration of women in the workplace, this week highlighting how body armour is significantly deficient for female officers.

For over a quarter of a century, women have been accepted into the Guardia Civil, and yet, according to the union, there are a number of gender specific issues which are simply forgotten or ignored.

Frequently prepared to put their own lives on the line to save others, the acquisition of Personal Protective Equipment is something which grows with both the needs of the force, and the threat or risk put on to them.

The first solution to the body armour problem was to assume that all women could were the most gender neutral model of the vest, simply a standard vest in size small.

However, as times changed, the fact that women are individually as different in places as men, the Guardia Civil took action in 2012 and purchased a number of units specifically designed, manufactrured and built for the female form, purchasing 126 armoured vests.

However, those vests were to be kept in “operational reserve”, and have never seen the light of day, with even the procurement and provision under questions.

The union are therefore calling for urgent action to solve this dilemma, as even if those 126 vests were put into service, there would still be a considerable shortfall of the 5,000 femals officers in service across spain.

“We keep working for equal opportunities in our workplace”, is the banner under which the union are asking for the immediate prioritizing of this problem to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of female officers, in addition to solving the obvious discomfort that an ill-fitting male design may bring.

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