As millions of pairs of eyes watched the athletes and performers in the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics, the gazes of one group of Spaniards were firmly fixed to the sky, as a company from Valencia was given the privilege of providing the fireworks for both the opening and closing ceremonies.

There is perhaps no surprise that a Spanish company might be involved in firework display, given the number of fiestas celebrated around the country all year round. In a statement by Olocau based firm Ricasa, the company said that this is the first time they have provided a pyrotechnic performance in Russia, with the fireworks manufactured in their facility to the North West of Valencia, before being sent over to the Russian city.

The entire roof of the stadium and the outside had been “impregnated with various effects”, which was their most expensive show in history, with a budget of 50 million.

The whole event of course serving as a showcase for what the company can provide to smaller budgets, showing how their firm manufacture fireworks “with care” and a personal touch.

The head of pyrotechnics, Ricardo Caballer, expressed his “pride” that his company had been chosen to “make pyrotechnic materials for an event of this magnitude”, with the audience able to see one of the most impressive and memorable ceremonies of the Olympic Games, with all that now remains to consider are the closing ceremony and the Paralympics.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the trials that took place in early January, where they could see for the first time the different effects achieved in Valencia for the Olympics.

It is also the first time that Ricasa has worked on providing fireworks for the Olympic Winter Games, although he previously worked on the Sydney games in the year 100, as well as other major sporting events.

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