Officers from the National Police have dismantled a group of car thieves, all between 28 and 30 years of age and of Spanish nationality, believed to be responsible for a network dedicated to stealing cars, dismantling them and selling the parts.

The operation was launched after a complaint was filed with the police in Orihuela relating to the theft of a motor vehicle. Upon investigating that theft officers located a workshop unit on an industrial estate where cars were being dismantled.

Further investigations revealed that the criminal group would generally operate on order, and each of the members had a perfectly defined role within the organization. Once the buyer placed an order, they would locate a target vehicle, enter the vehicle and take it to their place of work before taking the vehicle to pieces.

The five members of the group, who at the time were carrying three thousand euro in cash, were arrested in Elche. In the workshop, officers seized power riveters, radial saws and other tools, electronic inhibitors, the car which was reported stolen, one other car, a motorcycles and parts taken from a number of vehicles which have been stripped of any identifying factors.

The operation was conducted by the Judicial Police from their station in Orihuela.

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