Izquierda Unida political group has accused the Partido Popular government of Valencia of wasting a “golden opportunity”

The increasingly popular Izquierda Unida political group has accused the Partido Popular government of Valencia of wasting a “golden opportunity”, when it was announced in November 2011 that Torrevieja had been given permission for a new courtroom in the city.

Ignacio Blanco, the regional spokesperson, said that it was announced the struggling courts of Torrevieja would have an extra facility by the summer of 2012. But, according to Blanco, although the court was approved, and even announced in the Official Gazette, it was not created by the Valencia government, on the grounds that there was no money to manage it.

Blanco also criticised the existing facilities, saying how the judiciary in Torrevieja is “collapsed”, and even the infrastructure is failing, detailing how “there are 5 security cameras that do not work”, whilst also speaking of the considerable delays in filing claims and records and how a normal court would deal with around 800 cases per year, but in Torrevieja, the figure is quadrupled.

Two examples of the stress the courts are under have been shown how First Instance Court number 2 dealt with 4,000 cases in 2010, more than 3,000 in 2011, and is still dealing with more than 2,000 per year currently.

Therefore, Blanco is insisting that the Valencia minister for justice, Serafín Castellanos, immediately takes action in ensuring that the court, which has been promised, is created in Torrevieja.

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