The crew of Spanish freighter “Luno” were plucked to safety by a rescue helicopter outside the French port of Bayonne today, after breaking in two washed up onto the rocky harbour wall, following an alert that the vessel had suffered a total power failure whilst trying to enter the harbour during fierce weather conditions.

The Atlantic coast has been rocked since last night by heavy storms of wind and rain, with gusts in places exceeding 150 kilometres per hour, accompanied by waves of up to ten meters.

The hundred-metre long “Luna”, operated by Naviera Murueta, raised the alarm around midday on Wednesday, reporting the power failure and that she was carrying 130 cubic meters of fuel. Despite attempts to enter the port, the ship was swept away by strong waves from the south dock and broke in two.

The rescue operation saw the eleven members of the ship´s crew, along with the Harbour Master, were all airlifted by a French military helicopter, luckily only suffering minor injuries.

Experts from both the French Nay and salvage teams are attending the location with a view to plan the recovery of both the fuel still on board and the two portions of the ship, one stranded on the beach and the other stranded on the rocks of the jetty port.

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