A Partido Popular councillor from Córdoba, Carmen Sousa, has been criticised by a member of an opposition political group, Francisco Tejada of the UI, after crashing an unmarked local police car which Sousa had been driving on her way home.

The councillor, who holds the post of responsibility for the police and security, has been using the police vehicle for her personal use since taking office, which she keeps at her home at night, on account of being a “councillor 24 hours a day”, according to her statement.

Sousa also states that her use of the vehicle has never been hidden, and that the first thing she did when taking the car was to inform the unions who represent the police.

Sousa also states that by driving the car herself, she has made savings to the municipality by no longer requiring a chauffeur, a serving police officer who has been returned to normal duties, a situation which happened 18 months ago.

However, according to the complaint by the UI spokesman, having learnt of the use of the car after the accident “is likely that the councillor is not only using the vehicle for their professional and political use, but also activities for private reasons”.

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