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French owned supermarket chain Carrefour has announced that it plans to create an additional 5,800 jobs this year in Spain.

Director of Human Resources, Arturo Molinero, announced that the recruitment drive will be across the entire Carrefour range of shops, including both Express and Hypermarket stores.

This is the latest development in the chain´s commitment to providing employment and training to the Spanish workforce. In October last year, Carrefour signed an educational agreement with the University of Córdoba, in which they would offer work placements to graduates. That initiative alone saw 1,600 people hired in senior roles in the company.

They are also offering internships for college students, the latest figures from that scheme showing how 85% were given full time contracts.

Carrefour group operates over 10,000 stores in 34 countries, 4,066 of those stores were in Europe, excluding their homeland of France.

In Spain, at the end of 2013, the global retail giant reported improved fourth-quarter sales in France and Spain, two of the countries hardest hit by European’s economic slowdown, with 1.2% sales growth in the fourth quarter, the first time it has moved into positive territory in many years.

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