Herick Campos

A senior socialist politician, national deputy Herick Campos, has raised a series of questions in Congress demanding answers from the Government of Mariano Rajoy, asking for explanations of the decisions from the regional delegation over their actions relating to the political situation in Orihuela.

Campos explained that “the attitude of the government delegate in Valencia, Paula Sánchez de León, is totally partisan in ensuring that actions favour of the PP councillors and against the discretion of the Council of Elders”, and has therefore recorded several questions to find out “why they have not acted in the same way in other municipalities”, and even recalling that “in some cases the delegation had not acted when the Council of Elders made choices that violated the legislation, which has been shown by subsequent court decisions”.

Given these facts, the Socialists want to know “if the Government Delegation has a different criteria when to act”, depending on the political group involved, and described it as a “genuine outrage” that the government delegate is considering “filing a legal challenge against the decision of the Council of Elders for not allowing the discussion of the motion of censure”, asking if “the Government Delegation supports the partisan manner of the PP in Orihuela, when it was obvious that the Council of Elders acted in compliance with the law”.

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