The tourism department of Torrevieja town hall has come under fire again for wasting money this week, after the Mayor, Eduardo Dolón, bragged about the promotion of the city at the FITUR tourism event only cost a total of 6,000 euro.

The criticism has only just come to light after the mayor seemingly forgot to mention the 18,000 euro spent on the promotional video used at the event.

The 4 minute and 23 second long video features a variety of moving camera images, as well as aerial shots, all intended to tantalise the viewer into wanting to visit the city of salt.

From the disused railway line to the harbour wall, via the industrial salt factory, the idea of a “Paradise at your fingertips” is the overwhelming theme of the video presentation.

But the 6,000 euro quote suddenly becoming 24,000 euro may not end there, and questions are set to be asked over the actual cost of the film, as it was commissioned for recording over a year ago, and faced a re-edit to include events such as the carnival, Easter parades and May fair, which may or may not have been included in the original budget.

According to the councillor for tourism, Luis María Pizana, the cost of the production includes ownership of the images, and the video has become increasingly popular since the cost was mentioned, perhaps as the tax payers see what their money has been spent on.

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