The mortality rate of cancer sufferers has reduced by 13% since 1990 in Spain, considered a positive result, but considerably less than the 20% reduction in countries like France and Germany.

Partly attributed to generally living longer, and better screening techniques being available, there has been an increase in the number of cancer cases reported in Spain, with the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology this week stating that there were 215,534 cases diagnosed in 2012, of which two thirds are corresponded to patients over 65.

Dr. Pilar Garrido presented the data, saying that many more people now overcome cancer and live a normal life.

Overall, across both sexes, the most common cancers in are colorectal with 15%, prostate with 12.9%, lung with 12.4%, breast with 11.7% and bladder with 6.4% of all cancers diagnosed.

By gender, prostate, lung and colorectal cancer are the most prevalent in men, whilst the most common cancer in women is of the breast, followed by colorectal and corpus uteri.

In terms of death rates overall, lung cancer leads the way with 20.6%, which also causes a higher mortality rate in men of 27.4% and 9.4% of women. Breast cancer is the biggest killer of women, responsible for 15.5% of deaths. Colorectal cancer is responsible for 14.3% of deaths overall, 13.7% of men and 15.2% of women. Prostate cancer is attributed to the death of 8.6% of male cancer sufferers.

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