The Directorate General of Police in Spain is exploring the potential operational use of Google Glass for police patrols.

In addition to being used by both regular and scientific investigating officers, the advanced eyewear would assist in recognition, recording and collating evidence in visual inspections, viewing live cameras and security monitors, video capture and facial recognition, as well as information about the location of other police units and support services.

The glasses could also integrate with facial recognition systems, data verification and exchange with other patrols, access to police databases and management systems, vehicle checks, police records, and other supporting documentary evidence and procedural rules and protocols, among others.

Although it might seem like a futuristic development from a science fiction novel, the technology is available today. Whereas some are worried about the security and privacy implications of glasses that can record your every move, the use for law enforcement, safety and protection is something the Spanish authorities are keen to explore.

At a presentation, the Director of the police, Ignacio Cosidó, said that he has been interested in research and operational advantages that bring the incorporation of Google Glass under the Strategic Plan of the Police Corps, intended to transform real smart security elements as part of a plane named “Policía 3.0”.

The project aims are for a model of safety management and quality-oriented optimization in the allocation of human, material and financial resources, according to a statement, calling for the efficient management of materials and progressive adaptation to the demands of renewable infrastructure, adaptation and modernization to meet the needs of modern policing.

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