According to data released by the Spanish association of insurance companies, Unespa, there is an insurance related car crash in Spain every 18 seconds. However, although the figure is both staggering and almost unbelievable, the figure is actually lower than the year before.

The information reveals that in 2013, there were 1.7 million crashes in Spain, which is 4,699 per day or one every 18 seconds. However, believed to be as a result of a reduction in road use caused by the financial crisis, the total represents 3.95% drop.

However, being an average for the country, there also has to be extremes, and, perhaps not surprising, Madrid sees a crash every 2 seconds on a Monday, whereas if you want to improve your chances of avoiding such incidents, Soria in the autonomous community of Castile and León, should be top of your list, as you would have to wait three hours between crashes.

If you are looking to plan your drive based on statistics, as well as perhaps avoiding Madrid, Friday is still classed as the worst day to be on the road, followed by Monday.

Perhaps the reason why the data is released is not necessarily to scare us however, but to highlight the fact that the total bill to insurance companies is estimated at being 3.5 billion euro, with each claim receiving around 2,000 euro on average. Therefore, any chance of reducing the burden of claims would no doubt be favourable to both the insurance companies and road users.

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