The confiscated drugs

Officers from Orihuela local police have arrested two men for alleged marijuana possession in their home on the Orihuela Costa.

The two men, both brothers and with a history of drug related offences, were stopped by a routine checkpoint as they drove around the area. Noticing the police presence, the officers noted that the vehicle the two men were in had stopped abruptly, at which point one of the men exited the vehicle and ran from the scene carrying a bag.

The officers approached the vehicle and noticed a strong odour emanating from the car, which they believed to marijuana, and began to pursue the other man on foot.

The officers chased the man and stopped him near to a house which they had received previous reports of suspicious activity, possibly relating to drugs.

Upon inspecting the bag that the man was carrying the officers found 31 branches of a plant believed to be marijuana, weighing a kilo and a half.

Whilst still outside the house the officers noticed that an air conditioning unit was operating, and also exhausting a strong smell of marijuana, and they could then see bright lights inside the premises.

The officers called for assistance from the Guardia Civil who entered the house with them. They found further evidence inside the premises and confiscated 680 euro in cash, in addition to the drugs.

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