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The Supreme Court has confirmed the sentences of four years and seven months and three years, respectively, which were handed down to two Guardia Civil officers for issuing fake fines.

The officers, identified as Marcos A.G. y Juan Miguel Ch.O., will be sent to prison for abusing their position as law enforcement officers, after the case came about in 2007 when Marcos A.G. issued complaints against his neighbor, a process in which Juan Miguel Ch.O. collaborated in.

The court in Cádiz ruled that Marcos A.G., who was stationed at the town of Alcalá de los Gazules, had fallen out with his neighbour who lived on the same urbanisation over domestic related incidents, resulting in both men having to go to court following an attempted assault and threats, subsequently resulting in the Guardia Civil officer imposing fines for none existent traffic offences.

The first false fine was for not wearing a seat belt, the second for parking on a zebra crossing and then two others for having an expired ITV. Upon receipt of the first notification, the fine recipient attended to Provincial Traffic office, where he was urged to denounce the incident to the Commander of the Guardia Civil in Cádiz.

During the investigation that followed, the driver proved that his vehicle was not even in the area where the fine was imposed, and subsequent enquiries found that the officer had forged signatures on the documentation. It is for that reason that the sentence was said to have been so harsh, as the signatures had been forged in order to avoid the arousal of suspicions.

In addition to the prison sentences, the officers were fined 4,800 euro and have been disqualified from exercising their roles as law enforcement officers for a period of 4 years and 7 months. The original victim in the case put his house up for sale and moved away from the area on account of the harassment suffered.

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