Carolina Gracia and Antonio Zapata

Following the departure of Antonia Moreno from the government of Orihuela, a reshuffle has taken place of the competencies and roles left behind.

The Councillor for Festivities and Youth, Carolina Gracia, assumes the role of spokesperson for the local government and the Municipal Socialist Group.

antonio zapata will be the first deputy mayor and retain Planning, Projects and Institutional Relations.

Rosa Martínez will have Culture added to her current responsibilities of Tourism and Education, as well as holding the role of second deputy mayor.

Once newcomer Victor Ruiz takes the role replacing Moreno, he will be given the departments of Human Resources, Internal Affairs and Employment, Communications and Infrastructure.

According to Gracia, this distribution of responsibilities of government “is the most responsive to the needs of citizens”.

All other roles, responsibilities and positions will remain unchanged at this time.

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