Fuengirola Town Hall Square

The National Police in Fuengirola have arrested a 27 year old woman, originally from Paraguay, accused of an alleged crime of neglect, after she left her 3 year old daughter home alone so as she could attend a New Year´s eve party with a friend.

A neighbour alerted the police a little before 2 in the morning, reporting that there was a “little girl” leaning out of a balcony crying inconsolably.

A local police patrol attended the property and the officers also heard the cries from within, whilst they repeatedly rang the door bell to try and gain access. Moments later the National Police attended and collectively decided to enter the property.

Upon entering the home they found a young child and nobody else, the child saying that she was “very scared” because she didn´t know where her mother was.

The mother arrived at the home a short time later, after being alerted by a friend that the police were at her home. She was subsequently arrested for neglect, later to be released in order to look after the child.

The woman, who is separated from her daughter’s father, had gone to Fuengirola Town Hall Square to see in the year in the company of some acquaintances. Then, according to her version of events, she received a message from a friend who invited her for a drink at a nearby pub. “At first I said no because I had not planned to go out and had no one to look after my daughter, but since she was so sound asleep I decided to go alone for a while to celebrate the holidays”, subsequently claiming to have been away from the property for just three quarters of an hour.

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