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The sub aquatic and water patrol unit of the Guardia Civil, GEAS, is looking to purchase six new speedboats to assist in their control of illegal immigration in the Mediterranean coastal zone.

The six high powered “Zodiac” type vessels, each capable of carrying up to 18 people, will be based at strategic points along the coastline, namely Ceuta, Algeciras, Málaga, Almería, Cartagena and Alicante.

According to the contract documents for the tender, these six boats complement their existing flotilla and offer “greater autonomy in deployment”, allowing for “quick and effective action against immigration”.

These smaller boats are easily to handle than the larger ships of their fleet, allowing patrols to approach smaller boats and even canoes that are detected off the coast of Spain, as well as taking the passengers on board their vessels to deal with them appropriately.

The tender document requires that the boats must have an overall length of 8.70 meters and by 3.05 meters wide, with each boat capable of carrying up to 18 people. The boats must also have four engines with a displacement of 4,169 cubic centimetres, with interested companies having until the 11th of February to submit their bid, with each boat not costing more than 97.944 euro, with the maximum value of the tender award put at 636.636 euro.

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