The Guardia Civil in Albacete have arrested four people accused of crimes against public health, suspected of counterfeiting and belonging to a criminal organization engaged in the sale of various drugs as well as the manufacture and export of cannabis resin to England.

The detainees are all aged between 23 and 39 and correspond to the initials RMA, POT and SAF, all of whom are Spanish nationals, and the fourth, DPGC, from Chile.

The investigation began in late November, when the Guardia Civil Guard were tipped off that a resident in the town of Sisante was involved in the distribution and sale of drugs n various public establishments of La Roda in Albacete, and the capital.

The investigators learned that this person performed continuous trips to the Valencian town of Mislata, and cocaine would then be distributed to consumers and persons engaged in smaller scale distribution in Sisante and Albacete.

As the investigation continued, the officers discovered the their enquiries led them to an organised network of criminals, with branches in other countries, especially involved in the subsequent export of cannabis resin to England, with one of those now detained having a base in the capital city, London.

After finalising the end product, it would be packaged in glass jars and exported to England using parcel services, camouflaging the contents between foodstuffs.

The agents learned that the detainee based in London planned to move to Albacete and Sisante to control the manufacturing process, which precipitated the final phase of the operation.

One of the arrests occurred when the individual was travelling from the town of Sisante to Mislata for supplies of cocaine and was intercepted on his way home with 50 grams of the substance. The London resident had flown to Madrid-Barajas and had rented a car in which he had travelled to Sisante.

During the operation, officers searched three properties in Albacete and Sisante, in which they found 53.5 grams of cocaine, 10.2 kilos of cannabis oil, 1.2 kilos of cannabis resin, 3.2 kilos of marijuana buds, two kilos of “peyote”, 101.6 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms, and equipment to handle these substances.

Although the police operation is almost complete further arrests are not ruled out.

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