As preparations are being made around Spain for the arrival of the Three Kings, lessons are being learnt after the tragedy of last year when a six year old child was killed in Málaga, run over by a float whilst collecting sweets.

In Madrid, security measures are paramount for public safety, as the city council has now said that sweets cannot be thrown from the floats during the parade, as there is a risk that children will enter the roadway to collect them, resulting in further tragedy. Moreover, most of the routes will be fenced off, providing a physical barrier between the parade and those lining the streets to watch.

Sweets can still be handed to the crowd by people walking alongside the floats, but only in areas which are not fenced off. Across Madrid there are 15 different parades, some which are fenced and others with open areas. The parade that runs through the central area is completely fenced off, so that parade will be without sweets.

Although the move is on the grounds of safety, the authorities have been surprised by the response, with most people supporting the move, not wishing their loved ones to be at risk, or witness a repeat of last year.

In Torrevieja the Kings will arrive by boat as usual with the parade through the city streets, whereas Orihuela will have two parades, one in the city and one on the coast. Both of these parades have seen their routes changed on the grounds of safety, with the coastal parade starting near the location of the unfinished school, thus removing the risk of traffic flow affected from the N332, whereas the city parade has been the subject of a political battle, as the municipal council moved the route to one sanctioned by the police, with the opposition groups of the PP and Clr claiming that the decision was made without consulting neighbours, and therefore voting to move the parade back to the original, considered unsafe, route.

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