According to annual data released by online business directory, almost half of all businesses that shut down in 2013 have been restaurants or bars.

From their database, they show that 732 businesses are no longer registered with them as being open, and of that figure, 340 fall into the biggest category group, restaurants or bars, although restaurants hold the largest portion.

Beauty parlours have also suffered a significant drop, with 93 establishments being removed from the directory. Electronics and computer shops have seen a drop of 54, to which we must also add 24 mobile phone stores.

As for a comparison to last year, in December 2012, the directory were reporting that of the 1,200 businesses registered as closed in 2011, some 500 were restaurants, showing how the market share may be comparative, but the number of business closures has reduced.

Of course the data released by a single directory may not show a full picture, as only a relatively small number of businesses would be registered with them in the first place, but the good news is, that in the capital alone, Madrid, the directory has seen over 750 new restaurants register with them, which, all things being equal, perhaps shows how new business is starting to thrive once more.

The directory is largely crowd sourced with businesses able to register and users offering advice, tips, recommendations and photographs in order to enrich the experience of clients, both existing and new.

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