Through a new collective agreement between supermarket chain Mercadona and their workers, from the 1st of January, their staff will be paid a minimum of 1,260 euro per month, almost double the statutory minimum wage.

The agreement, which will run for five years, will maintain the purchasing power to 2018 and also create 1,000 new jobs during this period, according to sources at Mercadona.

Thus, in gross salary terms, the firm has “managed to establish that any worker or employee of the company has a monthly salary of 1,260 euro from joining the company”.

According to Mercadona, the ratification of this agreement for the next five years allows the company to achieve stability through productivity, their business in the medium and long term objectives.

Director of staffing at the company, Francisco Aparicio, said that with this agreement “we dedicate all our efforts to improve productivity, and continue to invest in innovation, service excellence and process efficiency to ensure sustainable growth”.

The company want to increase their workforce of 74,000 people by another 1,000 between now and 2018, from the new collective agreement and plan of equality.

The new labour framework is said to be committed to creating stable employment, continuing education and a better reconciliation of work and family life.

The company has also established what they call “pioneering” measures in the agreement, extending the reduced working hours to care for children until age 10, the extension of childcare leave until the child reaches the age of 8, or the possibility of extend the leave of up to three years in cases of violence.

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