Local police officers in the town of Catarroja, to the south of Valencia, arrested a man, of Romanian origin, suspected of a crime of burglary.

The offender was seen leaving the car park of a private property. Upon seeing the police patrol, the man is said to have fled the scene, leaving officers suspicious. The officers checked the vehicle parked in the car park near to where the suspect had been and found the keys still in the ignition. They also found a bicycle in the boot of the vehicle, later to be identified as having been stolen from one of the garages.

The officers began a search for their prime suspect, only to find he had evaded capture. That was until one of the officers looked underneath another nearby parked car, where he found a man lay down, explaining the reason for being in the position was because, “I have lost my dog, which has escaped”.

The officers didn´t believe that story and subsequently arrested him for the crime of burglary, which, upon his arrest, turns out to be his 31st time of being found arrested for similar offences.

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