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Nine officers from Orihuela´s Local Police joined sixteen of their National colleagues on a course on the use of an extendable baton as part of their crime fighting arsenal. The course, which was organised by the Federal Union of Police and the National Police, was held in the municipal facilities at Palacio del Agua. The free course, which lasted for 3 hours, covered the use of the baton for self defence, as well as disarming and incapacitating criminals. As well as the practical elements of the course, it has also served to show how closely the two forces are combining their resources with the aim of protecting and serving the community.

A group of International residents from the orihuela costa met for the first time this week, with the aim of creating a social group who would meet on a regular basis and talk in their own native tongue. The aim of the initiative is to act as a language interchange between foreigners wishing to learn or improve their Spanish, and Spaniards wishing to better their own methods of communication. In the first meeting, there were already representatives from the Spanish, English, German and Portuguese communities, with others unable to make the first meeting, but still keen to be involved, representing the Chinese and Russian residents. It is hoped that the groups will hold regular meetings at the newly opened “Reading Point” on the Orihuela Costa, which the town hall hope will develop into a multi-use centre for the coastal residents.

The Coastal Department has finalised the details of the construction of a park in the Las Filipinas urbanisation, which had been awarded to a company in 2010, but had never been completed, for reasons which are unclear, according to Councillor Martina Scheurer. The budget of 18,000 euro included the installation of children´s play and adult fitness features, and native plants were placed in the park´s perimeter, after general clearing work was also completed. Finally, a zebra crossing that leads to the park and has been improved.

Councillor for education, Rosa Martínez, announced the launch of a “Winter School” which will be available on the 23rd, 26th, 27th and 30th of December, as well as the 2nd and 3rd of January, which, for the third time, aims to “facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life”. The idea is to make it easier for working parents to balance their own schedules with their childcare, providing an educational component at the same time as entertaining and caring for the children in the scheme.

Another ten unemployed residents of the Orihuela municipality have managed to find work this week, thanks to a scheme implemented by the Councillor for work, Manuel Gallud, in collaboration with the Servef employment agency. The town hall has contributed 40,000 euro towards the scheme, which will be managed by Servef, giving the workers a 5 month contract, during which time they will be principally involved in the cleaning of las rambla del Raiguero de Bonanza, which has already begun, along with work at La Aparecida and La Matanza.

The councillor for the coast, Martina Scheurer, has commenced the first stage of the next improvement plans to the road infrastructure on the Orihuela Costa, with plans to create bollards which will separate the traffic near to the garden centre of Los Dolces on the Villamartin road, an area where numerous accidents have occurred and where countless drivers choose to ignore the road markings, thus making the road safer for everybody who uses it. In addition, on the roadway towards the canal, municipal technicians have been measuring the area in order to create and submit plans to build pedestrian pavements where there are currently none, and walkers have to mingle with both parked and moving cars to make their way along the road.

The Department of Infrastructure has been busy this week, putting 5,000 plants across various areas, including parks, gardens, streets and squares, to make Orihuela particularly pretty for the holiday season. In total, 4,500 petunias and pansies have been planted in gardens and parks, 650 poinsettias on main streets and principal locations such as the Glorieta Gabriel Miró, as well as two pyracanthas shaped Christmas trees, with all work having been done by brigades of the Department of Infrastructure.

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