Salvador with his bill

It is inevitable that, despite whatever the personal reasons, failure to pay one´s utility bills will lead to disconnection and action to recover debts, but, one resident of Torrevieja, who has been paying his bills, was somewhat shocked by a threatening demand for an outstanding amount owed to power supply company Gas Natural Fenosa.

An employee of the postal service himself, Salvador Andreu Aracil is instrumental in delivering such letters to other debtors, but the problem with the threat served on him, is that the company is demanding immediate payment of the outstanding amount of “un céntimo”, or a single cent.

Salvador has explained that he chose to move to another supplier and believed he had paid off the amount owing to the previous company, which is partly why he was surprised by the demand, but more so by the fact that such a large corporation would be so concerned with such a minimal amount, let alone the cost to write to him to chase the amount outstanding.

The letter dated November the 26th, states that “We are aware unpaid amounts detailed”, the one cent, to which they offered him three options to pay, credit card at the customer service centre, by bank or through the post office, with the accompanied threat that failure would result in “a claim through the courts”, to which costs would then be added.

However, despite the fact that the letter appears to have been automatically generated, his colleagues launched a campaign to raise funds to help Salvador, raising ten times the amount of his outstanding bill, or, to put it another way, they donated 10 cents collectively, meaning Salvador has now made 9 cents profit by means of compensation for his plight.

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