Mediterranean Sea has 637 invasive species

A total of 259,227 people chose to leave Spain in the first half of this year, destined for a new life in another country. Of that figure however, only 39,690 were Spanish, but that figure can also be offset by 134,312 citizens from abroad who chose to settle in Spain.

Eight out of ten immigrants are “satisfied” with the life they lead in spain despite the crisis and the awareness that their employment status is lower than that of other citizens of this country, according to details of a survey released this week.

On Tuesday, Congress has gave its approval to the proposed Public Safety Act, which will now be sent to the Senate with some new features and amendments, including a proposal that private security firms can carry out “stop and search” procedures, with proper authorization.

Some 50 experts in economy of public health have combined to raise more than 150 proposals to reform the National Health System in Spain, including extending the ceilings established for pharmaceutical copayment for pensioners and active workers.

A court in Palma de Mallorca has confirmed the refusal of the suspended sentence of nine months and one day in prison for the Balearic Government president Jaume Matas for insider trading in a judgment of the Supreme Court in a case known as “caso Palma Arena”.

The Prosecutors have asked for 4 years and 10 months in prison for Pedro Farré López, the former director of Corporate Relations of the General Society of Authors and Editors (SGAE ), who spent 40,000 euro on personal expenses.

Details of an environmental study presented in an exhibition in Barcelona reveal that the Mediterranean Sea has 637 invasive species, representing 4% of all of those living in the area, making it the region with the largest number of invasive species on the planet.

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