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The councillor for urban planning, Antonio Zapata, has announced that the consultation period granted over the controversial reclamation of public land at the Bella Vista urbanisation has now closed. The town hall had begun legal proceedings to claim back the public land that a number of home owners had extended their gardens onto, thus closing a public walkway. Those property owners illegally occupying the land now have one final course of action, to file an appeal with the courts, or the town hall will be able to begin the physical destruction of their properties in order to reopen the route to the public.

The Councillor for the Coast, Martina Scheurer, has confirmed this week that the new “Reading Point” on the orihuela costa will open as promised on the 13th of December, with a special event welcoming visitors to have a look around and get to know the venue located on Calle Cipres, near to the Aldi supermarket. After the inauguration, the initial opening hours are likely to be from 14:00 to 19:00 on Tuesday and Thursday, which the town hall hope may be extendable in the future, but they are still keen to add to their volunteer pool to enable the community based feature to succeed and grow.

The coastal department has also confirmed that a Christmas gifts and craft market will be held on the Orihuela Costa, situated on the car park alongside the Zenia Boulevard shopping centre, adjacent to the ice rink which is currently on the site, and will open on the 20th of December, until the 23rd. The town hall has also said that in addition to the market stalls, a variety of entertainment elements and activities for children will also be provided.

The orihuela costa infrastructure has become the victim of vandalism to waste collection bins, with a total of 19 containers destroyed by fire this year so far, and another 3 going “missing in action”. It is believed that the fires have all been started deliberately, the latest attack only this week, which is the fifth such burning incident since the start of November. Apart from the safety concerns that this action holds, there is also a social inconvenience as the bins are no available, and financial implications as the town hall will have to spend more public money on replacing the units.

The Councillor for Tourism, Rosa Martínez, this week announced that her department has been busy creating another tourist guide book for the historic city, municipality and coast, the difference with this one being that it is specifically designed for children. Available in both Spanish and English, the guide aims to provide a source of learning for young people, aimed at those of around 10 years of age, through various games and activities, as well as resources of information, which are also “a teaching tool”, according to the councillor, to enrich the visits of the younger generation.

The councillor for youth in Orihuela, Carolina Gracia, has announced a new series of courses aimed at providing young unemployed people with additional tools to provide further opportunities to find work, with languages and computers leading the way in the opportunities. Courses in English, Chinese and Russian are amongst those available, as well as a course in sign language. Web design and general computer studies are also available, all starting in January, but registration is now open, with more information, as always, available from the town hall.

Railway infrastructure company ADIF announced the opening this week of the road that runs under the railway line at the CV-95 route into and out of Orihuela. The road had been closed to traffic as part of the high speed train work being carried out on the lines overhead. Work will still continue in the area, so only one lane in each direction is available initially, but this will be a welcome relief to one of the main arterial routes of Orihuela.

The Orihuela Government team has approved the payment of 3,882 euro for the life insurance policy of 137 workers who operate collecting solid waste. In addition 20,700 euro has been approved for the Senior Centre of Virgen de Monserrate, 15,380 euro for the complete replacement of lighting in the La Florida urbanisation of the coast and 9,000 euro towards the municipal Animal Protection Centre.

The government has also approved the allocation of 10,884 euro for social welfare, from which 50 struggling individuals will benefit, as well as other payments such as nursery vouchers and other aid requests.

The government team has this week announced that a resident has been sentenced to 18 months in prison, as well as a 600 euro fine, having been caught by the National Police dismantling and appropriating billboards announcing the works of Plan E and plan Trust in the municipality.

Councillor for sports, Luis Galiano, and the director of Quirón Grupo Hospitalario, Dr Rafael Jiménez, have announced that this hospital will conduct 500 medical examinations on children enrolled in the municipal sports school, which is around 80 more than last year, the first year that the hospital took responsibility. The hospital will also provide a variety of medical equipment as part of the collaboration, which Dr. Jimenez says brings the institutions and citizens as “close together” as they can be.

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