The monthly plenary meeting of the Orihuela government team took place this week and, apart from a brief moment when some of the PSOE team walked out, seemingly tired of the childish attitudes of their opposition, a number of important factors were raised for discussion.

One of the most important matters was the 1.2 million euro fine levied onto Orihuela for landowners who were not given the full value of their land when the N332 was extended. IN view of the inability to pass a new budget, this money has eluded payment, and now, with the Mayor facing a personal fine, the need to resolve the matter is greater. The plan to make the payment immediately was declined by the opposition PP, as Mónica Lorente, who heads the finance group, claimed that the allocation should have been included in budgets of 2012 and 2013, budgets which they effectively prevented. Asunción Mayoral, ousted member of CLR, suggested the amount should be paid by reducing the salaries of workers in the town hall.

Plans were approved to fund the finalisation of work at the unfinished civic centre in the small town of La Aparecida, so this work can now be put to public tender, using a portion of the money obtained by selling coastal land. The PP group wanted to oppose this, despite the plans being their intention in the first place, but they say that they had their own way of funding the project.

A notion to propose the reduction of tax for court fees was rejected. Bob Houliston abstained as he represents a “local party” and has no interest in national policies, the Los Verdes objected as they are for the complete abolition of these fees, whereas the PP objected for “other reasons”.

Former PP councillor for the coast, José Aniote, complained about the waste of money on the Avenida La Zenia, as the temporary work to allow vehicles to park during summer was now being replaced by the more permanent features. As a result of this complaint, Pedro Mancebo of the Clr group has now asked to see the accounts for him to check the matter himself.

Bob Houliston of CLARO raised a question directly with the Councillor for the Coast and International Resident, Martina Scheurer, relating to the information gained from attending the presentation regarding European elections. Scheurer responded by stating that the town hall accepts what the members of the Statistics Institute said, whilst also reminding anybody who faces difficulties in registering on the padrón, or with residencia, should ask to speak to her assistant, Heike, who will be more than happy to assist in a number of languages, including English and German. The Councillor also suggested that anybody who is registering on the padrón should not miss the opportunity to register at the same time, their right to vote.

In other news this week, the bridge work over the motorway is progressing already and the work has now begun on the footbridge over the N-332. There will be some minor road closures to facilitate the building of the support structure, but this will be kept to a minimum. Equally, a number of palm trees will have to be removed, but these are to be relocated to other areas on the coast.

The “Reading Point” on the orihuela costa has now been given an official opening date, as the work to build the internal elements and catalogue the books is almost complete. The opening will take place on the 13th of December, with more details available next week as to the long-term opening hours.

As previously warned by the government team of Orihuela, they have this week announced the opening of 34 cases relating to “urban infractions”, the majority of which are for planning violations on the Orihuela Costa, 10 of which are for the immediate removal of a number of billboards, mostly along the N332 route, which have been installed without authority and some of which impede visibility.

The finance department has approved the payment of 167,013 euro in subsidies and payments relating to teaching, scholarships and athletic transportation, including the improvement of the soccer field turf at La Aparecida, maintenance of the Palacio del Agua, the rental of a tractor for the beaches in summer, and various other smaller improvement projects.

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