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A court in Guadalajara has summonsed a Guardia Civil officer to appear, facing charges of negligent homicide, after a suspect caught in the act of burglary died during a subsequent chase by officers.

The incident occurred in October when the Guardia Civil were called to attend an industrial park where three people had broken into a unit, with believed intentions to steel, but were surprised by workers at the site.

Witnesses said that the alleged robbers, who had hidden their faces, fired a shotgun into the air before fleeing the scene. The Guardia Civil then arrived and pursued them, resulting in one of the suspects, identified as 25 year old G.L.R., fell off a bridge near the A-2 motorway, into a stream below, resulting in him suffering injuries that caused his death.

However, upon investigation, there was no evidence of a shotgun having been fired at the scene, and, according to the autopsy, the victim died as a result of “hypovolemic shock”, an emergency condition in which severe blood and fluid loss make the heart unable to pump enough blood to the body, as a result on a gunshot injury, not as a result of the fall, impact or the effects of water.

A second suspect in the case was caught later the same day, whereas the third, the brother of the captured fugitive, surrendered himself a few days later.

The Guardia Civil officer will appear in court on the 11th of December, in order for the judge to “clarify whether the actions of the officer, given the nature and location of the shot, the distance at which the weapon was fired and other attendant circumstances , could be constitutive of an offense of a criminal nature”.

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