As more institutions and authorities take to social networks to enable the quick dissemination of information, it is inevitable that once or twice there are issues with the information being shared. One such issue was highlighted this week, when the National Police of Spain attempted to gather awareness for the needs of recognising and honouring the rights of animals.

With nearly 700,000 followers, the National Police may have believed in their actions being of a positive nature, when they tweeted to hunters the need to respect their working dogs, with the message which roughly translated to, “If you are a hunter, the dogs are your allies and great friends, ALWAYS faithful. Take care of the animal, abuse is punishable”.

In itself that seems like an animal orientated positive message, until the message was questioned by electrical retailer Media Markt. They responded to the police to question the whole notion of hunting, whilst praising the actions in support of the dogs, questioning the rights of the prey, “It seems a brilliant idea, now just need to take care of those hunted”.

The police immediately responded in an attack on the electrical store and their products, although that message was quickly deleted, ultimately resulting in a dialogue between the two bodies, with a flurry of retweets and comments, with Media Markt finally commenting that “We will not get into absurd duels because we respect all the animals”, although a number of people still questioned their integrity, wondering if it was nothing more than a stunt to obtain more followers.

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