The injured dog being cared for

A female dog owner in the Barcelona area of Viladecans is facing a hefty fine, after neglecting to treat the injuries that a dog had suffered.

The owner had contacted an animal welfare group, the Animals Sense Sostre, reporting that the dog had suffered a broken leg, and asking if they would pay for the treatment. Unable to foot the entire bill, the animal group gave the details of an associated vet who would do the work for half of the normal price, under an agreement with them. The association also offered to collect and deliver the animal to the medical facility, an offer which was declined.

However, later that evening, the Local Police contacted the group asking for assistance, as they had found a dog, walking the streets, showing clear signs of injury and a suspected broken leg.

Suspicious of two animals with similar injuries, an investigation was launched to see if the dog found on the street was the same as the one reported to the group earlier, which was confirmed by the investigators, reporting that the woman “did not want to pay” for the treatment.

An official complaint was lodged which has resulted in a fine of 2,001 euro being imposed on the woman, as well as the animal group launching a civil case in order for them to claim back the costs of the treatment of the dog.

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