Santa Matilde Furnace

On Sunday, Francisco Javier Carrasco Milara, director of Minería de Mayasa, visited the mining complex of San Antón in Orihuela, in order to partake in a technical meeting with municipal archaeologist Emilio Diz, and members of various historical heritage and archaeological groups, with a view to drafting an action plan for the rehabilitation of the mines of San Antón.

A group of Orihuela supporters have already created the initial draft project, as well as taking the first steps to its execution. The planned work itself is in an area over 4,000 square meters of the San Miguel Mountain, which is under the protection of the city of Orihuela for 75 years.

The project will include the restoration and rehabilitation of the “Santa Matilde Furnace”, as well as the area surrounding the location, restoring as much as possible to its original state.

The visit of Francisco Javier Carrasco was said to be “fruitful and of great interest” for the project, with his views helping to clarify some aspects of the operation of the furnace, which apparently differs somewhat from other ovens of this type preserved in Almadén, being of a slimmer design and with an addition element of an “ashtray”, where the ashes of the burnt wood fuel accumulates.

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