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According to the Official State Gazette published on behalf of the Dirección General de Empleo, the 2014 working year will provide for nine national holidays, or “red days”, with only three of them falling on a weekend.

The nine days are formed of eight days which cannot be moved, plus a ninth, the 6th of January, which was considered optional, but no region has taken up the option to move or ignore it.

The first holiday is New Year´s Day on Wednesday the 1st of January, then Thee King´s Day or the Epiphany on the 6th, a Monday.

March is the next month of note, but not for the whole of Spain, with the Valencia region celebrating San José, on the 19th, which is Spanish Father´s Day incidentally, also a holiday in Murcia and Navarre.

The next holiday is for Easter with Good Friday on the 18th of April, as Maundy Thursday is not celebrated in all regions, Valencia being one who chooses not to recognise this day, but then we did have the extra day in March, the other region where this day is not recognised being Catalonia.

On the 1st of May, Labour Day is celebrated, this year on a Thursday, which will no doubt also see numerous people taking the Friday off as a “bridging” day to make a long weekend.

As we pass through to summer, we move into August, when on Friday the 15th, the religious celebrations of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary are recognised.

In October, the National Day of spain is celebrated on the 12th, but this day falls on a Sunday in 2014, so no extra day off there, although the day after, the 13th, is a holiday in some communities, particularly in Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Castilla y León and Extremadura.

In November, All Saints day falls on a Saturday, the 1st of the month. December brings Spanish Constitution day on the 6th, also a Saturday, with the Immaculate Conception celebrated two days later on Monday the 8th of December. Not forgetting of course, the big day of the December month, Christmas Day, 2014, which is on Thursday, the 25th of December.

Therefore, in conclusion, the nine national holidays for 2014 are Wednesday January 1st, Monday January 6th, Friday April 18th, Thursday May 1st, Friday August 15th, Saturday November 1st, Saturday December 6th, Monday December 8th and Thursday December 25th.

The Government are still considering trying to move certain days to avoid the “bridging” concept that created long weekends, with August 15th (Assumption), November 1st (All Saints Day) and December 6th (Day of the Spanish Constitution), being the three that they are first looking into.

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