José Antonio Canales Rivera

Bullfighter José Antonio Canales Rivera has been found guilty of a crime of animal abuse, and sentenced to pay a 600 euro fine for causing an injury to his horse which resulted in bleeding from the nose.

The Observatorio Justicia y Defensa Animal group had reported the bullfighter to the environmental office of Cádiz, with several witness testimonies reporting the incident.

The incident occurred in February when his horse was found to have numerous injuries to his nose when it was seen in one of the stable blocks at an equestrian club in the province of Cádiz. According to witnesses, the injuries were “bleeding and deep”, in a crescent shape above the nose.

Witnesses testify that the injuries were caused by so-called “live sparring”, which is an “abusive and cruel punishment” caused by “instruments manufactured with iron spikes that are placed directly on the skin of the horse’s muzzle”.

Experts gave evidence that “the slightest move against the will of the rider”, results in “sharp riveted iron teeth pressing into the horse´s mouth, a particularly sensitive area because it has many nerve endings”.

Canales Rivera attended the trial at court in Puerto Real in Cádiz, where, according to the animal welfare group, has accepted the facts and the charge against him.

The bullfighter then accepted a consent decree imposing a fine of 600 euro, which, according to the animal welfare group, is the first time that “a matador has been sentenced in spain for animal abuse”.

A prominent celebrity in Spain, Canales Riviera recently appeared on Splash, a celebrity diving show, as well as a variety of televised celebrity specials.

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