Ángel Sáez Martínez

Torrevieja city council held a plenary meeting on Friday morning, which drew criticism from opposition groups due to the timing of the event, which they say was both on a different day to normal and at a time when most of the residents were travelling to school or work, and so the live televised session was, according to them, a waste of time as the residents would be unable to witness the notions being voted on and set to be implemented by the majority Partido Popular group.

The PSOE of Torrevieja had called for a reduction in the so called “terrace” or “pavement” tax, whereas bars and restaurants have to pay for the tables and chairs they have on the pavement areas, but this plan was not included in the approvals, which representative Ángel Sáez Martínez showed his disapproval saying, “The hospitality industry, like all industries that drive our economy, need security to make their forecasts and raise their business and the PP government should enforce agreements”.

The ruling body of PP councillors also intended an 8.06% increase in the fees for licensing new businesses in the city, which many people considered to be beyond comprehension, given the ever increasing number of vacant business premises that show how Torrevieja has demised over recent years. Once again, Ángel Sáez Martínez said that any increase, however small, is unacceptable, and shows how the mayor, Eduardo Dolón, and his team have lied about tax freezes, when residents are already paying more for vehicle tow-away fees, planning permission, police reports and garbage collection, all of which have increased, but none so much as the use of the municipal cemetery which face a 95.52% increase, despite the aforementioned promise of a tax freeze. Instead, calls supporting a previous UPyD campaign to tax banks for having cash machines on the streets of the city is considered by the opposition groups to be a far better way on increasing revenue than taxing the citizens more for an ever decreasing level of service.

Meanwhile, Torrevieja City Council has announced that they will implement several improvement actions to the Eras de la Sal, all of which will be completed in time for Easter, and at a cost of 30,000 euro. The perimeter fence has already seen work carried out by the municipal brigades, but the next stage will include the placement of a geotextile blanket to prevent weed growth, the creation of a “dry garden” with artificial grass and white gravel enclosed by wooden sleepers, as well as a general cleanup operation. The car park will also see improvements, as will the bus interchange; one of those measures to be implemented being the construction of a noise screen to reduce the disturbance to residents living close by.

The town hall also announced that work will begin in December on a 100,000 euro project to create bike lanes on calle Bazán and calle Patricio Pérez, as far as Caballero de Rodas, until they merge with the existing lanes on Avenida Delfina Viudes to create a route as far as the Ciudad Deportiva, sports city.

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, was amongst the official participants in an event to mark World Diabetes Day this week, for which a tent was erected in front of the cultural casino, organized by the Chiron Torrevieja Hospital in collaboration with the City council and the Diabetic Association of Torrevieja , were blue balloons were released to mark the launch of the campaign offering advice and information from the stand. Rafael Jiménez from the Chiron Torrevieja Hospital also announced the imminent creation of a special unit for the treatment of diabetes, which has been warmly welcomed by the president of the Diabetic Association of Torrevieja, María Dolores Fabregat.

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