The municipal governing board has approved the payment of 550,000 euro for outstanding bills this week, including paying the legal firm handling the appeal against the sanctions imposed by the Hydrographical Confederation for water discharges, as well as providing money to various schemes across the area as grants. Some 13,400 euro has been awarded to help nine families as part of a rental assistance plan, as well as approving funding for Easter, a 2014 Medieval Market, the Moors and Christians fiesta and a grant towards a benefit scheme for the young people of the municipality, the “Carnet Joven”. However, a children´s poetry competition has been cancelled, as this was considered to be beyond the spending capability of the department of culture.

Local police of Orihuela arrested a 63 year old man after he was caught stealing pomegranates from a plantation. The incident occurred on Saturday when the owners of a farm in the village of Virgen del Camino called the local police as they had observed several people in their grounds cutting and removing the pomegranates. Upon arrival, the officers saw that at least four people quickly placed numerous sacks of what they believed to be the fruit into a van and then leave the scene quickly. The officers continued to search the area and located one person and bags of fruit valued at around 1,000 euro. The fruit was returned to the owner whilst the thief faced the justice system.

Officers of Orihuela´s local police also recovered 24 racing pigeons from a site on calle Arriba, after one pigeon owner reported a number of his birds had gone missing. Answering the suspicions of the owner, the officers carried out an inspection and found the kit, all of whom had identifying rings that proved they did not belong in the lofts where they were found.

The councillor for the Environment, Manuel Gallud, organised a talk entitled “Mosquitoes: those annoying neighbours”, in which various experts provided information because, according to the councillor, people need to know more about mosquitoes, as there is a lot of ignorance. Salima Pérez, coordinator for the company CTL who are responsible for pest control in Orihuela, also explains that, “Not all mosquitoes bite, some are beneficial because they pollinate ecosystems”, but there are also steps that many people can take to help reduce any nuisance caused by the insects.

The town hall of Orihuela is still collating information relating of the coastal bus service, in the hope of providing a better service in the future. An on-line survey was launched on the website www.orihuelabus.es, intending to ask residents who both use the bus and may wish to in the future, how the routes could best serve their needs. That survey has so far had a very disappointing response, according to the town hall, who hoped to be able to spend the budget in a way that could mean serving more residents and areas than at present.

The Councillor for the coast in Orihuela, Martina Scheurer, has once again extended an open invitation to groups of young people of the municipality to make contact with her, if they would like to be part of a platform to express their concerns and issues with the town hall. The councillor had attended, by invitation, an event to launch the JOCOSTA youth group, and yet, despite persistent messages and invitations to them from Scheurer, they have so far failed to even respond.

The Planning Department have announced that they will not have to suspend any work that is currently being carried out on the Orihuela Costa, after demarcation of public domain land ordered by the Provincial Coastal Service on the 12th of February. According to the demarcation notice, all work within a 100 metre boundary of the natural coastline should be halted, as the land falls within the public domain. However, the implementation of this order has not led, in the case of Orihuela, to the suspension of any work that is currently being carried out.

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