The family of a 29 year man, who they say was suffering from “mental disabilities”, who died in August 2011 having been gored by one of Spain´s most famous bulls, is claiming 100,000 euro compensation as a result of the death.

The incident occurred in 2011 when the victim, Vicent M, was attending the Fira de Xativa where superstar bull “Ratón” was being fought as part of the annual spectacle.

Statements say that Vicent, who had been consuming alcohol, jumped over a safety fence and entered the bullring where the 500 kilo Ratón was, resulting in the bull turning on him and goring Vicent to death.

The family believes that local authorities should have exercised stricter control to the to the site, even more so in a “dangerous celebration of bullfighting with a bull with a bad reputation”, and that the town hall are responsible for the fact that the man, with 65% mental disability, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and borderline intelligence, chose to put himself in such a dangerous position.

The family went to the courts as they believed it “obvious” that the event should have had “extreme access control”, because of the potential danger at the “celebration” where there could have been underage viewers, the disabled and those under the influence of alcohol. However, the judge hearing the case filed the claim, concluding that the court had “not been able to determine who was responsible for what happened”, according to the family lawyer.

In view of the fact that the criminal case has failed, the family have now pursued the matter against the city of Xativa, for a claim of more than 100,000 euro, on the grounds of their “negligence” for not deploying security measures. Should this case not be accepted, the family intend to continue to fight their cause at the High Court of Valencia.

Ratón died in March of this year, at the age of 13, having suffered multiple organ failures but at an age considered to be approaching the maximum life expectancy of a bull of this kind, which is 15 years, assuming they are not killed during the course of the bull fighting “celebrations”. Raton was said to have been responsible for killing three people and injuring several others.

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