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As featured in The Leader a few weeks ago, the Spanish traffic department, the DGT, has started a campaign of awareness aimed at the owners of older cars.

The aim is to point out how more modern vehicles, compared to those of over 10 years of age, have better fuel economy and are cheaper to run, as well as highlighting how safety features on cars has improved tremendously in recent years, and so, modern vehicles are far safer for all road users than those now falling into the older category.

The document contains a variety of information, including technical and administrative specifications, and is on official paper, which some officials feel may cause some confusion, as some people may think it is a fine that must be paid for some kind of offence relating to their vehicle.

Now, to try to ease the shock of those receiving the letter, a sample of the document that the dgt are sending out has been provided, so as to reassure recipients that it is simply an awareness and information campaign, and they are not liable to any fine just because they have an older vehicle.

With over half of the cars on Spanish roads believed to be over 10 years old and with the Spanish government extending subsidy for older car trade-ins, it is hoped that safer vehicles will take over those which may be a risk, as well as injecting much needed business for the motor trade.

The Ministry of the Interior say in a statement that a total of 13 million letters are being sent in different phases, the purpose of the campaign based on the commitment to transparency of the DGT, improving road safety and reducing the main risk factors.

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