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Corrie star Michael Le Vell, former footballer Paul Gasgoine and a bloke called Joey Essex have all been rumoured to be the contestants in this year´s I´m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, but the latest list to have been “leaked” offers and even more diverse range of I Believe I´m a Celebrity Let Me In candidates.

A beautiful girl, a flirty ma, a reality star, a soap star, an American… Okay, enough of the usual characteristics, and we also have to point out that this list is also not definitive, but it does read a little like a who´s who from the buzz of celebrity right now.

By “right now” though, we have to jump back to the 90´s first of all with Alfonso Ribiero looking like our American sprinkle. He, as I am sure you´re dying to ask, played Carlton in Fresh Prince of Bel Air. That was a kind of Americanised comedy, street, young person´s type show, as I´m sure you´re dying to ask!

As for our soap ingredient, who would also qualify as “babe in the bush”, Lucy Pargeter, Chastity Dingle, will provide that content. Ah, but now we have confusion, because there´s another! Laila Morse, former Eastenders actress, although the “Babe” award is probably safe, in the nicest possible way, as we doubt Little Mo is likely to be up on the walls of garage mechanics anytime soon, unless that´s where the Kevin Webster link came from.

Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington is next on the list, now we also have a contender for the “Babe Watch” crown, presumably this gold medal winning Olympian will be the focus of the shower-based camera action.

Oh no, another sporty babe is next on the list. It´s only Annabelle Giles! Ah, no, wait, scrub that. We were thinking of Annabelle Croft. Oh well, the novelist, comedian, presenter and former model will perhaps add a bit of intellect.

Music, we forgot the music. Peter Andre was a previous guest of course, but then he too forgot the music, some might say. This year we have a fifth of an enigma, although that might be billing them a little too high, we´re talking Westlife and Kian Egan, who has also been working on The Voice, in Ireland.

It is now time to reconsider all of the ladies mentioned before, not in a sexist way of course, it is not a competition either, it is just that the show format dictates levels of beauty when they subject these stars to humiliating tasks (did we really just use the word stars?). Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to the definitive shower based beauty babe for this year, the one and only Amy Willerton. What do you mean, WHO? Only the 2013 Miss Great Britain, now who, from our list of beautiful women we have already, could possibly compete with that? If it were a beauty competition, which it isn´t, as we said, because that would be sexist, apparently.

Ah, we forgot the “annoying ones”, well this year, we have a person many would consider to be higher in ranking than a Miss Great Britain, in the form of Matthew Wright. On the plus side though, Wright announced that Richard Madeley would be covering his show for the next few weeks, so it could actually have been a whole lot worse!

Oh, and we forgot to mention David Emanuel, so expect a rerun of “When I knew Diana”, in a hopefully less cheesy way than Paul Burrell. You see, suddenly Mathew Wright is looking promising.

And finally, although we have mentioned him, Joey Essex is from the popular, staged, so-called reality TV show, The Only Way is Essex, or TOWIE, as some people call it. Popular, annoying, confused… Winner! If only for the hype of the show he comes from, after all, the jungle is also not as real as it seems, in a sterile area, free from killer predators and risk, which is a shame because that might make it a whole lot more entertaining.

NO BETTING ON THESE THOUGH, or if you do, we´re not responsible. It´s only a rumour until the jungle drumms start.

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