Orihuela Costa Reading Point

The Reading Point for the Orihuela Costa is now taking shape, with the shelves now installed and the volunteers all eagerly coming together to get all of the books stacked on them. With thousands of books already catalogued into their electronic system, every step of this project is met with excitement of those involved, although more volunteers are still welcome. Situated in the Centro Municipal de Orihuela Costa, located on Calle Ciprés, the building is just around 400 metres from the bus stop which drops off at the Aldi supermarket, and also with ample car parking for those who chose to drive, it is within easy reach of the entire coastal area. Other plans are also being set in motion to provide aesthetic improvements to the grounds and car park, such as benches and other furniture, which the councillor for the coast, Martina Schreurer, hopes will also mean that the unit become a focal meeting point for the entire community who can chose to partake in the organised activities, or just take advantage of being able to use these municipal facilities.

Still facing criticism over green waste collection, the Orihuela town hall has provided clear data as to the cost to each household, which is currently 5.80€ for a detached property and 1.35€ for all others, per month. That is of course those properties who pay and doesn´t include the 20,000 coastal properties who do not yet contribute to the collection service. Any resident can check if they are a contributor by looking at their Aquagest bill and seeing if the word “Podas” is listed. If it is, that is your contribution to the green waste collection, if there is no record on your bill, then you do not yet pay for the service.

Martina Schreurer has also explained why the town hall does not have a pruning treatment plant on the coast, which is another request and criticism levied by Bob Houliston of CLARO, explaining that this type of activity requires a specific plot of land for the purpose of treating the waste, and the Orihuela Costa does not have such classified land under the General Plan, which would mean that if the town hall were to embark on such a scheme, it would be an illegal activity.

Although it is still early in terms of promoting the event, the coastal councillor has said that her team are still actively intending to provide a Christmas Market on the coast, although there are numerous administrative elements that must be satisfied, especially as there were complaints over previous coastal events not being correctly administered, although they were successful with the residents.

The Councillor for Tourism, Rosa Martínez, has announced that a new tourist information centre which opened in late July in La Zenia Boulevard shopping centre shall become a permanent fixture in the centre, as “it is a strategic point for providing information of culture and heritage” of Orihuela. The tourism department has revealed that the information point in the shopping centre has been more active than the traditional coastal office, and so it shows the need for the continued cooperation between the retail and touristic elements.

The Planning Department of Orihuela, with the assistance of the Local Police, has suspended the construction of an illegal fuel filling station in El Palmeral. The station is attached to a previous one which closed down and has been paralysed as it does not have a license for building or operating, and is in infringement of three cases of urban planning regulations. The Councillor responsible for planning, Antonio Zapata, confirmed that his department will continue “firm” action with offenders, who cannot continually “mock the law”.

Famed Spanish painter, Fernando Sánchez y Juan, born in Elche in 1943, has donated a work of art to the City of Orihuela, following an exhibition of his art through October. The painting, Naturaleza Muerta VII, has a value of 395 euro, but will now become an asset of the municipality of Orihuela for all to enjoy in the future.

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