Be careful, Peter Andre

It was inevitable on Bonfire night that, well, Bonfire night would be the trending event in the UK, but what did our famousians from the world of tele and theatre have to say about the event?

Whilst promoting the extended Halloween edition of 8 Out of 10 Cats, Jimmy Carr went on to empathise with the cost of living increase, cracking “Typical. It’s not just energy and water, now fireworks are going up”.

Peter Andre ‏wanted everybody to try to be that little bit safer, Tweeting, “#bonfirenight it’s all about the sparklers”, with a link to his website, with target driven website promoting veil of sparkling cloak. Although there was a picture of some fireworks exploding, and an accompanying public safety announcement, “Bonfire night is great as long as you are safe, It’s so sad when you hear about people getting hurt on what should be a fun event.” He did go on to remember the animals though, “For pets, I know it can be traumatic so try to remember to shut the windows and maybe put the TV on to block out some of the noise.”, sandwiching safety advice for the use of sparklers, “Sparklers are great fun but you must always wear gloves when holding them, and always make sure young children are supervised.” Which means we´ve now given away almost the entire saga, but we will leave one paragraph for you to read yourself on his website,, so there Peter, have one on us.

Kate Thornton was also excited by the idea of a night out, “Off for fireworks and v excited!”, she Tweeted, but why?, well, “Not because I love fireworks, but because it’s at a friend’s who’s house was just on Grand Designs”.

In other, none-bonfire related news, Eamonn Holmes ‏Tweeted a draw dropping message about his current job, “I have happily presented @SkyNews #Sunrise for 8 years now, and sometimes there is a time when you just know that it’s right to move on ….”, but Holmes fans need not worry, as he continued, “But this is NOT that time. I’m afraid you will be waking up to me on Freeview 82, Ch 11 Pick TV and Sky 501 for the next few years.#sunrise”.

Finally, as Helen Flanagan ‏continued to complain into the night, not just for being cold, but for the noisy boys in the room next door, she shared a surprise picture with her Instagram followers, with a simple message via the website, “Thank you”, after posting a picture of an apologetic note from the boys who had kept Helen Flanagan up all night, which is somewhat ironic, in a way.

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