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“Hi, my name is Armando, and I will be your host for the 2014 American Music Awards, November 24th on ABC”, that´s what Pitbull tweeted on Tuesday, perhaps marking a new maturity for the Miami born Armando Christian Pérez, better known by his stage name Pitbull, who, it would appear, is hosting an awards show soon.

Meanwhile, the Bieber kept things simple posting a smiley, accompanied by a poster for Justin Bieber The Key, which the official website describes as “an inspiring new fragrance that invites you to unlock the endless possibilities of believing in your dreams, bringing you closer to Justin”, for those one or two young girls, and boys, who may want to come closer to Justin Bieber, or at least smell like a concept designed to seemingly enhance your life, although others may also be thinking of an adaptation of the German book and film, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.

Sticking with music, sultry songstress Avril Levigne may have had an early start, with a 3a.m. wake up call, but she went on to Tweet a thank you for her appearance on Good Morning America, saying, “That was so much fun NYC!! Thank u to everyone for having me on @GMA this am! #AvrilonGMA”.

In other Tweets you may have missed from across the pond, Paris Hilton ‏may have raised an eyebrow or two, albeit inadvertently, we think, with the Tweet, “At home chilling in bed with my puppies”, Pamela Anderson ‏might have raised the temperature by posting the details of the hotel she was in, along with the teasing message, “thank you – to the great bellman at the @HudsonNYC ~ for helping me to my room and pouring my ice bath”, the accompanying picture being a map, rather than the aforementioned submerged image that one’s mind may have already conjured up. Finally, Eva Longoria did her bit to encourage the growth of kittens on the internet, responding “haha too cute!” to a pleading kitten pictorial request by fan Coralie for a follow, a fan who states that Longoria is her “idol”.

As for the boys of American celebritydom, Leonardo DiCaprio enforced his environmentally aware attitude, with “Thx for your support to protect the #AntarcticOcean. We cannot give up, we will find a way forward”, Marky Mark Wahlberg took a nostalgic trip back in history, taking back to the same attire we began this article with, posting a picture accompanied by the comment “Dressed in all black for an ARMANI event in 2007”, although, to be pedantic, it was technically posted on his Facebook page and Tweeted out automatically!

Our final note of the day comes from The QI Elves, with their own, albeit repeated, inspiration, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it. – W. C. FIELDS (1880-1946)”, to which we offer no argument!

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