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And the award for the scariest pumpkin of Halloween goes to… No, it would be cruel to single out Justin Bieber as being scary, sure he always seems to be in the news these days, not always for good things, fighting and arguing with the press, late for gigs and this week the 19 year old Canadian singer left the stage during a concert after somebody threw a water bottle at him whilst performing his song “Boyfriend” at the Anhembi Arena in Brazil. Bieber was said to be “visibly upset” by the incident, throwing a “stare” at the audience member, before walking off stage, never to return.

However, despite the bad press, little seems to be noted about his humanitarian work, as Justin Bieber has become the figure head for less privileged young people, as the ambassador for “Pencils of Promise”, under the “Schools 4 All” program that aims to build schools in places where they are most needed. On Monday, Bieber posted an Instagram video with a group from the scheme, along with the text, “I gave my little friend Ricardo my sunglasses he was showing his friends what the sun looked like with them on … Let’s all help change the world”. Oh, Bieber also has a new song out too, so he is obviously promoting that through his Twitter account too.

Meanwhile, in the UK, young stars are also being given the “mysterious” treatment, or “wow this is weird”, as Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson tweeted, in response to fan Janica Jumola who sent a mash up picture of Watson with fellow young stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. Could this be what an older Watson – Radcliffe – Grint baby might look like? He does have a look of somebody familiar! If that were ever likely, maybe a Norris – Potter – Weasley is more probable… Maybe.

In other Tweets you may have missed, ITV have confirmed the return date for I´m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here, “Confirmed: I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! returns Sunday 17 November at 9pm on ITV @imacelebrity #ReadyToJungle”.

Jimmy Carr is being topical with his X-Factor jokes, “Simon Cowell tweeted he’s spotted a gap in the music market. I think it’s the one between Sam Bailey’s teeth.”, along with, “Catching up on XFactor. Nice to see when Lady Gaga forgot her outfit and Simon Cowell made her do it in her vest and pants.”, Carr is also selling tickets for his live show tour, albeit through usual outlets, he´s not selling them himself in a pub or anything.

Fearne Cotton excitedly spoke of valuable young people, whilst sharing the love of American singer and song writer Taylor Swift, saying, “Just presented the first teen hero award with @taylorswift13 . Is there a nicer woman on the planet? I don’t think so.”, before keeping it real by tweeting, “Just had a nice ten minute chat with @LittleMixOffic in the loo at Wembley”, although you can now create your own image of that scene depending on your own love of the Little Mix.

Finally, inspirational writer, Paulo Coelho, offers some enlightening advice with, “Don’t make life decisions based on what you want now”.

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